Today’s pool owner has a potentially overwhelming amount of choices in tiles, coping materials and colors, pool finish choices and pool+spa shapes & sizes. No matter what the shape or size of your pool is currently (or is going to be after the remodel), Revolution Pool Finishes will ensure your pool interior receives the care and attention it deserves to provide you with the longest lasting and most beautiful finish available.

Even after decades of experience, we still love nothing more than seeing the look of satisfaction on our customers’ faces when they see their pool filled with water and operational for the first time after weeks or months of construction or renovation. We recognize that this means new memories are about to be built, with plenty of laughter, excitement, and hopefully some much deserved relaxation for all involved.

Our artisans will ensure that your pool interior finish is installed carefully and thoughtfully, with regard to your pool’s interior and all of the pools surrounding area. We follow the National Plasterers Council guidelines for our mix design and application techniques, and we are consistently educating our staff with the latest technologies available for our industry. While not all of our equipment is new, we provide the same service whether a brand-new truck, mixer and pump arrives to your property or one of our seasoned machines is on the job for your finish installation. When any team from Revolution is involved, we take the utmost care to cover the pool deck, driveways, or any area where we are working to ensure that your investment is protected, and we strive to leave each job looking better than we found it!

To learn more about interior finishes, please visit some of the following pages for more information about our industry or for product-specific information.

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PTI Plaster Care

Customize Pebble Pool Finishes

An organic combination of cultivated abalone and mother of pearl shells that offers a subtle spectrum of color on the water’s surface. Shimmering Sea is included in many of the PebbleFina® finishes, and it can be added to any PebbleTec® or PebbleSheen® pool finishes.