We provide a pool inspection service for all in-ground concrete pool owners, including those interested in purchasing a property with a pool. This includes public pools as well as those owned by individuals or families. This service is outlined below but an estimate for each inspection may be provided prior to commencing the thorough inspection.

What are we looking for when we inspect a swimming pool?

First, we need to identify the age and condition of the filtration system and any mechanical or electronic controls. We will note any items in need of repair. If requested, we may also provide insights into how to make the operation and usage of your pool safer and many times easier to maintain. Then, we then observe the pool area entryway, including any decking around the pool and make notes of any hazards or safety concerns. We also make note of any concerns regarding the condition of pool surroundings.

Finally, we take note of the condition of the pool itself. Are there any structural issues of concern? Usually this appears in the form of cracks or simply a leaky pool. Whatever the condition of the interior of the pool (coping, tile, plaster surface), we make note of this condition and if requested, we can provide a fair and honest estimate of what will be required to make the pool look new again (or close to new). If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact us today for your pool inspection.